How WUMUNC "Breaks the Rules"

We do things a little bit differently around here.

We're confident that once you experience everything WUMUNC has to offer, no other conference will seem the same.

Unique Committees

If we’ve seen it done before, we’re not doing it here. WUMUNC is all about finding unique committees for our delegates. There will be no overdone Security Council or Soviet Cabinet at our conference. Even familiar topics such as the American Revolution or organized crime will appear almost unrecognizable as we take a completely unique angle that pushes you harder and further. Although it’s painfully cliche, delegates at WUMUNC really should expect the unexpected.

15 Minute Crisis Guarantee

One of the most common complaints at every conference is that crisis is just too slow. Here at WUMUNC, we personally guarantee a response to every crisis note within 15 minutes of it leaving the room. Not only are our responses timely, they are also substantive. Gone are the days of one-word responses – expect to be pushed, prodded, and rewarded in your interactions with our staff.

Customized ParliPro

As Model UN moved away from GA’s and other painfully procedural bodies into the more exciting crisis committees, parliamentary procedure remained much the same, leaving fast-paced debate mired in uninspired points and motions. At WUMUNC, every committee tailors parliamentary procedure to the crises at hand. You will still recognize moderated/unmoderated caucuses, voting procedure, and all the classics – but check out your background guide to see what’s new.

Our Committees.

Ad-Hoc Committee of the Secretary-General

It's the Ad-Hoc of the Secretary-General, and this year we're taking that literally. How many of you have experience running a conference? Have you been USGs and Sec-Gens yourself? That's a lie we're not doing some meta-extravaganza. But we are doing something pretty great. Are you prepared to lead armies and conquer the world itself? Congrats, then I'd suggest you sign up for almost anything else. Are you looking for intrigue and policial assasination? Congrats, then I'd suggest you go back in time and do last year's Ad-Hoc. Unless we're repeating it. That would be something you wouldn't expect, wouldn't it? The Ad-Hoc is by application only. It'll be directed by me, Deb, that weirdo who came up with a Parent-Teacher Association for a committee last year, so know the ballpark you're playing in. I'm looking for creativity, adaptability, and most importantly, a lot of energy to get you through WUMUNC's longest Ad-Hoc yet. So, rally and fill out the form. I'll see you in February!

Sozin’s Comet: The 100 Year Reign of the Fire Nation

The Fire Nation may be the single most powerful force on Earth, but Fire Lord Ozai's thirst for power cannot be quenched. The Northern Water Tribe and the Earth Kingdom cities of Omashu and Ba Sing Se are his final targets. For 99 years they have evaded Fire Nation control, so the Fire Lord has given you, his war council, an ultimatum- you have one year to finish this war or face his wrath. To make matters worse, there have been reports, more like whispers, that the Avatar has returned. But that cannot be true, no one has seen the Avatar in a hundred years. Regardless, you must be vigilant. Nothing should stand in the way of Fire Nation victory. Background Guide.

The Empire of the Sun: The Japanese Occupation of Hawaii

It is the height of World War II. The Japanese and other Axis powers are growing increasingly hungry for control in this everlasting war. It has been a decade since the beginning of the campaign in China, and as of yesterday’s attack on Pearl Harbor, the Empire of the Sun has set its sights on the United States. Thus far remaining neutral in the war, tensions between the U.S. and Japan have been mounting for decades now -- this attack is set to be the match to light up the whole powder keg. The islands of Hawaii and its occupation are key to war in the East; they signify power and progress in the rapidly industrializing and interconnected world. The occupation of this massive island chain on the doorstep of the United States will be no small task, but for those of you who are ready to bring glory to our great island nation, join Jessica Wang in The Dawn: Japan’s Occupation of Hawaii. Background Guide.

A Sinking Feeling: The International Mercantile Marine Company

All aboard, captains of great capitalist vessels. The year is 1912, and J. P. Morgan calls upon you, the advisory board to the illustrious IMM co. Atlantic shipping trust, to prove that his efforts are in fact unsinkable. An iceberg may have brought down our crowning achievement, the R.M.S Titanic, but we mustn't let its punctured steel hulls become a metaphor for our grip on the industry. You have all been called to work together like forbidden lovers in your efforts to steer the greatest trust of them along an icy itinerary strewn with financial troubles, legal battles, and political turmoil. Join us, if you don't mind getting your feet a little wet, in the ultimate test of capitalist power mongering, and perhaps come out on top as the one that saved history's greatest shipping company. But beware, the invisible hand doesn't discriminate when choosing who wins and who drowns in the icy waters. Background Guide.

The Customer is Never Right: Adams County Correctional Facility

Adams County Correctional Center serves justice to those who deserve it. The year is 2012 and this private prison is in full swing. Here in Natchez, Mississippi, we have a variety of issues facing us: inmate behavior and well-being, financial stability, internal and external corruption, and government interference-- just to name a few. We have called an urgent meeting to deal with the problems at hand. Now, it is up to you, the executive board of Adams County Correctional Center, to maintain the reputation of the institution and keep it running at maximum efficiency. Act quickly and decisively to preserve the integrity of our beloved institution. Background Guide.

The Hot Seat of the Cold War: Cabinet of JFK

It is the height of the cold war, and it is truly a contentious time in the United States. John F. Kennedy is now president, but he needs his cabinet’s assistance to make important decisions. It’s been years since the second world war, but there is still a lot of international unrest and tension with other states. America is relatively a new nation, but it must rise as a world leader. Every very new occurrence is uncharted territory, and countries are even beginning to explore outer space as they try to prevail and establish spheres of influence. Join Director Tiffany Balcarcel in John F. Kennedy’s Administration and ascertain America’s dominance while juggling domestic issues and the threat of war from abroad. Get ready for an exciting weekend where you will get to recreate history! Background Guide.

Welcome, Friends, to Pandora!

“So, you want to hear a story eh?” – Marcus
Pandora: home to bandits, skags, alien technology and, now, you. As a representative sent from one of the galaxy’s major arms manufacturers, you must work with your fellow representatives to extract valuable resources, subjugate the masses and turn the Pandoran frontier into the next great hub of civilization. You’ve arrived at a pretty bad time time, unfortunately. Unless you like chaos, carnage, and mayhem I guess. Thennnnnnn, you’ve arrived at a great time! These weird purple rocks started appearing out of nowhere, bandits attack everything that moves, the animals have gotten more ferocious, and just last week an unknown assailant slaughtered all our equally-attractive robot brethren Trapclap models! Background Guide.

Here There Be Witches: The Town of Salem

1691. Pre-colonial New England. Native attacks, traveling smallpox, merciless winters, and the harsh word of God dictate the lives of the austere and good-working Puritans of Salem, Massachusetts. Now more than ever, as the village teeters on the edge of chaos, you must keep your wits about you. It is your job to survive in these harrowing times. Otherwise, forces larger than yourself may erase all of Salem. Background Guide.

Syrian Conflict: Council of Ministers

Welcome to the Syrian Arab Republic! Should you choose to tackle some of the most intriguing, contentious, and difficult issues of the world today, you will join Syria's highest governing body, the Council of Ministers. As you are directly advising and aiding President Bashar al Assad in running the country during tumultuous times, be prepared to face war, backstabbing, intergovernmental conflict, and a host of other problems. Taking place primarily in 2012, you will be able to apply your knowledge of current events to hopefully avoid letting your country dissolve into anarchy and chaos. War, politics, and terrorism will combine in this committee; I wish you the best of luck in keeping your sinking ship of a country afloat! Background Guide.

More WUMUNC 2018 Committees Coming Soon!

More WUMUNC 2018 Committees are coming soon!

Our Schedule.


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Evening Festivity – Bar Crawl

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The Luminary

The WUMUNC Delegate Social

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May Auditorium Knight Hall

Closing Ceremonies

12:30 PM - 01:30 PM

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Don't just take our word for it!


“In my eight years of participation in Model UN, WUMUNC was easily my favorite conference to attend. Throughout the conference, the staff actively worked to keep all delegates engaged, leading to an exceptionally dynamic and enjoyable weekend of debate. What really set the experience apart was how much fun everyone in our delegation had. As a delegate, WUMUNC reminded me of why I love MUN. As the Secretary-General of [ALMUN], WUMUNC set a great example for how to effectively run great crisis committees.” Conference rated 9/10

Alexandria Gilbert, Delegate - University of Alabama

“The staff and secretariat were unbelievably helpful throughout the conference. Some staffers went above and beyond to accommodate us and help us with any questions or concerns we had. ... With the updates via email, it was very easy to know what to expect and made it easier to prepare accordingly. Many conferences wait for delegations to reach out to them, whereas you all laid everything out for us first. It was very helpful in preparing for the conference.” Conference rated 10/10

Maryem Abdulla, Advisor - University of Illinois at Chicago

“Our delegates had a blast. The staff was incredibly knowledgeable, professional, and prepared. [The conference was] also very accommodating with last minute changes and whatnot. Crisis staff was on point and response time was great. … Honestly nothing bad to say, well run and organized, everyone was friendly and helpful in addition to passionate about what they were doing.” Conference rated 9/10

Muhammad Yousuf, Vice President of Logistics - University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign