Dear Delegates and Advisors,

WUMUNC is a conference born out of one of those Sunday afternoon conversations on the way home from a long MUN weekend that every delegate is familiar with. Like each of those familiar chats, this one was a celebration of awards won, a rant about crisis plans foiled, and a retelling of late-night hijinks. But this conversation ended a bit differently than all the rest. The conference’s original organizers decided during that car ride that after nearly 10 years of travelling as a competitive team and 7 years of hosting a successful high school conference, it was time for Washington University in St. Louis to host its own collegiate conference. The first WUMUNC in 2014 proved that we could do it and in 2015 through 2017 we proved we could do it well.

Now, as we prepare to do it again and do it better this spring. Our main goal is that no one – no delegate, no adviser, no novice, no veteran – will spend the afternoon of Sunday, February 4th 2018 traveling home disappointed.

In order to accomplish that, WUMUNC 2018 is a conference that will Break the Rules. The tired old playbook of model UN places a premium on delegate compliance to burdensome parliamentary procedure (when was the last time a war was fought or a treaty negotiated with moderated caucuses?) and deference to the chair. Our staff is trained to design and run crisis committees that play out how delegates decide, not the directors. The best delegates at WUMUNC are not necessarily those who know all of the rules, but those who know what the rules don’t say. Your committee experience will push you, we promise – it is our expectation that you will push back.

We are also thrilled to welcome you to our city – St. Louis. Undeniably one of the nation’s hidden gems, St. Louis is a city ripe for exploration. A short 5 minute walk from the Washington University campus you will find the historic Delmar Loop, perfect for lunch breaks and late night snacks – and designated one of the 10 Great Streets in America for its food and energetic culture by the American Planning Association. St. Louis is also the home of the beautiful Forest Park and the vibrant Cherokee Street district, two entertaining diversions a short drive or Metro ride away from Washington University’s campus, not to mention the Gateway Arch, the St. Louis Zoo, and the city’s outstanding live music scene. To be sure, there’s no shortage of things to do or good times to be had.

Above all, WUMUNC is a conference designed by delegates, for delegates. Our goal for each and every participant in WUMUNC 2018 is complete satisfaction with our committees, our city, and most importantly, our staff, who strive to create one of the most engaging model United Nations conferences on the circuit. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any concerns or if you are interested in registering for WUMUNC. And may we be the first to welcome you be it for the first, second, or third time (but certainly not the last) to WUMUNC.

Diplomatically yours,

Eric Vistnes
Secretary-General, WUMUNC 2018

Eric Vistnes

Frequently Asked Questions.

What does “Break the Rules” mean?

Break the Rules is the guiding principle for WUMUNC 2018. Part of our reason for starting the conference in the first place was that we were fed up with the typical constraints of Model UN. Meetings of a president or prime minister’s cabinet don’t run on strict parliamentary procedure; why should a committee be modeled after them? Breaking the Rules applies elsewhere, too. We’ve striven to ensure that our committees are not ones you can find elsewhere. Variety, after all is the spice of life, and blandness is anathema to the kind of weekend we want delegates to have. Of course, our committees will still be completely approachable for MUN veterans, but if you’re planning on dividing the question 13 times to get your way, you might want to think again.

Where is WUMUNC held?

WUMUNC is held on the Danforth Campus of Washington University in St. Louis. There is a map of our campus and the surrounding area at the bottom of our website.

When is WUMUNC held?

WUMUNC’s opening ceremonies will be held at 5 PM on Thursday, February 1st, 2018. The conference runs until closing ceremonies on Sunday from 12:30 until 1:30 PM.

How do I register a delegation?

Go to the section of our website titled “Registration” and click the link that is available. The dates of the early, regular, and late registration periods are laid out on the website. In order to lock in the price for a given registration period you must register and submit at least a deposit (equal to half the value of your invoice) prior to the deadline. We are willing to work with delegations who face constraints on payment due to various administrative deadlines – if you forsee an issue in this regard feel free to contact us at secretariat@wumunc.com.

How early or late can I sign up for WUMUNC?

Barring unprecedented interest, we guarantee as many delegate positions as you want until December 1. After December 1, registration is strictly rolling, and once full we will unfortunately have to place you on a waitlist.


Is there a conference hotel?

WUMUNC does not have any official hotel partner. There are many high quality and affordable hotels in the general proximity of the conference. We will release a guide to travel, lodging, food, and entertainment in St. Louis in the near future, so keep an eye out!

Do you only have eight committees?

No, we will select and publish more committees in the fall. Rest assured that they will have diverse settings and topics.

Do you require position papers?

We invite participants to send position papers to your committee directors, but the ultimate decision as to whether or not they are required is left to each committee director and is specified in the background guides.

Can faculty advisors come to the conference?

Faculty (or student) advisors are more than welcome at WUMUNC! We are always happy to be able to receive feedback from as many perspectives as possible, and do our utmost to ensure that advisors are comfortable throughout the weekend. We ask, though, that you register your advisor’s name when you register for the conference, so that we can prepare to serve them appropriately.

Can international delegations attend the conference?

We do accept international delegates. However, for liability reasons, our absolute deadline for both registration and payment from international delegates is November 15, at 11:59 PM CST. If you are a leader or member of an international delegation, feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns, but do remember that the November 15 deadline is absolute. Because of the additional logistical difficulties inherent to international delegations, we strongly encourage you to contact us and register well before this deadline.

Wait – I thought this was a high school conference?

You are mistaken. Unfortunately, WUMUNC is a conference exclusively for college students. You are probably looking for WUMUNS, our high school conference held each October.