Carmen Lyon, Director-General

Class of 2019 – Granite Bay, California

Global Health & Environment and Physics

Carmen joined Model UN her freshman year of college after being on her high school’s speech and debate team for three years. She was a USG of Committees for WUMUNC 2017, but has since switched to operations after realizing that most college students morph into temper tantrum-throwing toddlers when presented with deadlines. Outside of Model UN, Carmen is a part of the Pre-Med Society and does many other pre med activities, in addition to playing the ukulele to make sure she has at least one chill thing in her life to keep her at least close to sane. She is happy to welcome everyone to St. Louis.

Eric Vistnes, Secretary-General

Class of 2018 — Rockville, Maryland

Economics and Computer Science

Eric has been actively involved in MUN at WashU since even before his freshman year began, and that passion has not died as he becomes a Senior. He has served as a Director for WUMUNS threes times, directing committees on Viking Wars, James Bond, and Harry Potter. This is also his third year serving on WUMUNC Secretariat, previously serving as USG of Internal Operation his sophomore year and Deputy Secretary-General his junior year. Outside of MUN, Eric has also served as a Vice President on his Class Council and a Computer Science Teaching Assistant. If you can’t find him at any of those places, look for him on the couch- he’s most likely watching Netflix. But most of all, he is extremely excited to welcome everyone to St. Louis and looks forward to an amazing conference.

Stephen Bertelsman, Chief of Staff

Class of 2019 – Belleville, Illinois

Political Science and History

Stephen has been a longtime MUNer.  Competing all four years of high school left him eager to join Wash U’s MUN Team.  Through his wild ride with the team he has staffed a litany of committees such as the the 2015 Tech Summit and a House of Cards themed Ad Hoc.  Outside in the crisis room of life, he has served in a variety of leadership roles like USG of External Operations and as an Executive Board Representative.  In addition to his Secretariat duties he currently serves as the club Vice President.  Stephen is excited to serve as Chief of Staff for the first four day WUMUNC!

Josh Zucker, USG of Committees

Class of 2020 – Oak Park, Illinois

Systems Engineering and Economics

Josh has been a part of Model UN since his freshman year of high school. He staffed the German Imperial Cabinet in last year’s WUMUNC as well as the Fall of Constantinople in WUMUNS 2016 and directed The Gothic War in WUMUNS 2017. Outside of MUN, he is a music writer and design chief for the student newspaper. He is excited to be a part of this year’s conference, and can’t wait to see what goes down in WUMUNC 2018.

Roshni Bagli, USG of Delegation

Class of 2018 – Cincinnati, Ohio

Economics, Philosophy-Neuroscience-Psychology (PNP)

Roshni has been involved with Model UN since her Sophomore year at WUSTL. Though a newer member, she has thoroughly enjoyed her time with the club, having fond memories of chairing for the Iroquois League during WUMUNS 2015 and of working with national delegations during UPMUNC 2015. Outside of Model UN, Roshni enjoys salsa dancing, eating, sleeping, and watching reruns of the West Wing. Roshni could not be more hype for WUMUNC 2018 and is truly looking forward to making it a stellar conference!

Amelle Zeroug, USG of External Operations

Class of 2020 – Lexington, Massachusetts 

International and Area Studies

Amelle has been a part of Model UN since she came to Washington University and has since staffed committees such as the United Nations Security Council: Subcommittee on the Iranian Revolution at WUMUNS 2016 and the War Council of Daenerys Targaryen at WUMUNC 2017. Outside of MUN, Amelle is involved in Sigma Iota Rho, No Lost Generation, Kappa Delta and will be a Student Advisor this coming fall. In her free time, she enjoys contemplative walks around lakes and joining niche Facebook groups (at the latest count, she was in 296!)

Neil Agarwal, USG of Committees

Class of 2020 – Cleveland, Ohio

Political Science and Philosophy

Neil participated in Model UN and Mock Trial throughout high school, and once he came to WashU, realized he found his true home in WUIRC. He staffed the German Imperial Cabinet during last year’s WUMUNC and will be directing a committee about Prohibition era Chicago for WUMUNS 2017. Outside of MUN, Neil is the Rush Chair for Phi Delta Phi, WashU’s pre-law fraternity. His hobbies include watching food videos on YouTube and listening to Mac DeMarco. Neil is beyond excited to serve as your USG for Committees, and hopes he can make this WUMUNC the best one yet!

Deborah Rookey, Liaison to the Administration

Class of 2018 – Little Rock, Arkansas

Interdisciplinary Project in the Humanities/Ancient Studies

After competing in Student Congress and Mock Trial during high school, Deb joined Model UN during her first semester of college. She has directed and served on Secretariat for WUMUNC, directed half of the Ad Hoc JCC for WUMUNS, our high school conference, and is the Chief of Staff for WUMUNS 2017. Outside of Model UN, Deb is the founder and president of a political activism group: WashU Progressives, sings in the Washington University Chamber Chorus, and is involved in her campus ministry. She also plays the keyboard in a genuinely terrible punk rock band based out of her garage. Occasionally, but infrequently, Deb also breathes, eats, sleeps, and performs most other normal human functions.

Collin Wettach, USG of Internal Operations

Class of 2020 – Muscatine, Iowa

Political Science and Philosophy

Having joined MUN his freshman year of college, Collin has become thoroughly involved in all things MUN related. In the blur that was his first year with the program, he has staffed such committees as the Colonization of Mars at WUMUNS 2017, the Venetian Republic and the War Council of Daenerys Targaryen at WUMUNC 2017. In his free time, Collin can typically be found having an existential crisis. He looks forward to making your WUMUNC 2018 experience an enjoyable one.